May 21, 2012

Odds & Ends Survey

I  got this via email and I am sure it started on the Internet somewhere.  Here we go....

How would you spend a lazy afternoon? Playing on my computer or sleeping.

What kind of movies are you drawn to? Good ones.

How often do you update your Facebook status? Daily

What's the first thing you'd want to see if you visited New York City? The lobby of my hotel.

When you feel stressed, do you take things out on the wrong people? No, I bottle it all up inside and put a smile on my face so no one knows  how I feel.

Do you even wear any jeans other than skinny anymore?  I am too fat to wear jeans.

Do you shop at Plato's Closet? No

Do you know who Stefan Abingdon is? No

Do you go more for a classic or a sexy look? I go for a classic look...too fat for sexy.

Jeans, mini skirt, or leggings? Jeans...if I could find a pair that fits.

Ballerina flats or oxfords? flats

Hooded sweatshirts or cardigans? hooded sweatshirt

What did you talk about at lunch today with your friends? I didnt have lunch with friends today.

What's something you do in your free time a lot? Play on my computer

Are you sensitive to caffeine? No

Have you ever been ice-blocking? No

Have you ever had a Wishing Pearl? No

Would you rather live in Austin, Boulder, Brooklyn or Portland? Austin (Texas)

Who is your favorite actress? Drew Barrymore

How do you usually get around? on my feet...or driving my Jeep

If you had one night to live, what would you do?  Spend time  with my family.

Which languages do you wish you could speak fluently? Spanish

Have you ever been accused of being too clingy? No

Have you ever tried yoga? No

Are you very flexible? No

What would be the band line-up to a concert at your design? Aerosmith, and more Aerosmith

Do you have any tattoos? No

What position do you usually sleep in? on my left side curled up.

If you had to get glasses, would you prefer Juicy Couture or Ray Bans frames? whatever is cheap

Do you count calories or just eat whatever? I eat whatever...hence the reason I am too damn fat.

Have you ever been cyber-stalked? No

Have you ever cyber-stalked someone? No

Do you like Vitamin Water? It is ok.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian? I don;t think about her.  She is a waste of time.

Can you speak any French? No

When you've had a long day, what do you do to relax? Play on my computer.

Do you like to dress up? No

Do you think too little or too much? Too damn much

What's the view from your bedroom window? the back of my neighbor's house.

Are you currently feeling resentment towards anyone? No

Have you ever read anything by Shakespeare? Yes

Do you know anyone with the last name Green? No

What color is your front door? dark red

Do you think it makes guys look kind of girl-ish when they wear scarves? No

Favorite yogurt flavor? Peach

Do you smoke? No

How do you feel about what's going on in Japan? I would love to go and visit RoseAnn.

Have you ever visited anywhere said to be haunted? Yes

What would you say you waste the most time on? Playing on my computer.

Would you rather make-out or cuddle? Cuddle

When you make pancakes, do they always sort of come out scrambled? No

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