March 27, 2012

The What's Trending Meme Via The Queen's Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme!  Each week, The Queen will ask Seven Royal Questions for the loyal subjects to read.  This week's questions (and my responses) are:

1. Political ticker: Santorum said "bull***t" on the campaign trail. Do you think this was necessary?  I doubt that it was necessary.  You don't need to curse in order to make a point.

2. Entertainment: How hungry are you for The Hunger Games? Not really

3. What is trending on the blogging front is the death of blogging. Do you agree? And if so, have you made funeral arrangements for your blog? No, I do not agree that blogging is dying. But if and when it does I will still be trudging on with my blogs.  I may, at one point consolidate my blogs but we shall see.

4. Facebook: Do you like the new timeline?  I am learning to tolerate.

5. Nationally: The tragic Trayvon Martin story and vigilante Neighborhood Watch citizens with guns ready to shoot anything that moves. Do you think we should have Neighborhood Watch groups?  Sure, we should have Neighborhood Watch groups. Those groups need to be trained and learn to handle things without weapons.

6.  Tweeters on Twitter are currently discussing the #IWasStupidEnoughTo hashtag.  What were you stupid enough to do? Do tell.  I was stupid enough to marry my first husband, Richard...he was such an asshat.

 7. On the Health Watch: Did you know that popcorn is full of antioxidants? Now that it's healthy, will you still eat it?  But of course...with lots of butter please.

8. (The Queen says we shall answer 8 questions this week.  So  in order to avoid the dungeon I will answer all 8!) The whole world is freaking out about fracking. Can you explain it to me?

Well, I am part of the whole world and I am not freaking out about fracking.  There seems to be a few different ways to describe it (image that!).  Thinking about it gives me a migraine.

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  1. I am thrilled to see you are not freaking out over fracking. We could do with a lot less freaking these days.


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