March 7, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday

The moon was stalking me. The sky was clear for two whole nights during the moon’s “full” stage a week or so ago.  Lucky for me I was up at o’dark thirty to go to work and I got to see Mr. Moon two days in a row.

The first morning, the moon was rather low in the sky. I snapped the following picture as I was getting in to my Jeep to start the day.  Mr. Moon was just down the street, glaring at me!


I waved and said good morning.  I guess Mr. Moon appreciated being acknowledged because he followed me to work. I didn’t take a photo when I got to work because my iPod does not take photos well enough to do the moon justice.

On the second morning, the moon was a little higher in the sky.


He followed me to work again and this time I talked to him the entire way. I am sure if anyone could hear me they would think I am crazy. And who knows, maybe I am crazy. I have been called worse (a lot worse)
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