March 9, 2012

Friday Fluff - Would You Rather 

Friday Fluff is hosted at Seeking Elevation.
This weeks questions comes from Quizopolis.

Be a poison tester or suicide bomber? - I would rather be a poison tester...there is a possibility it wont kill me.

Fat and short or fat and tall - I am fat and tall, so I will stick with that.

Wet and cold or dry and hot - I prefer dry and hot.

Vampire or a cat - Cats over vampires any day.

Be George Lopez or Brad Pitt - Brad Pitt

Eat sand or dirt - Dirt

Be 30 or 1 - 30!  That was my best age.

Pro skater boarder or singer - Singer

Eat metal or bugs - Metal...though I am not sure how my body will process that.

Be a monkey or wolf man - Wolf man.  I don't like monkeys.

Work at Google or Bing - Google

Make a board game or video game - Video Game! I love video games!

Mini cooper or mustang - Mustang...preferably a 1964 1/2 Mustang.

Dead or alive - Alive

Singer or actor - Singer (didn't I kind of already answer this one?)

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