March 2, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun


This week’s statements:

1.       If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet ___
2.       I find it hard to ___
3.       The last time _______ and _______ then _______
4.       Where are the ________________ when the ______________ are here?

                                                                                          Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

My Answers:

1. If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet my father's parents.  Both passed away long before I was born. (oops guess that would be two people)

2.  I find it hard to shut off my brain before I go to bed.  As soon as I lay down my brain begins to race.

3.  The last time Applebee's and Rocky Rocco's Pizza I got sick then silly me thought "oh I should give them one more chance".  Well...I didn't even make it to the parking lot before my stomach started hurting. So I went to Red Lobster instead.

4.  Where are the fly swatters when the mosquitoes are here? Mosquitoes tend to take over my house in the summer!

                                                Source: Uploaded by user via April on Pinterest


  1. LOVE the picture... and I agree... where the heck is that darn fly swatter when the mosquitoes take over?

  2. I never can shut my brain off either... UGH!

  3. Getting my brain to come to bed with me has always been hard! I think I'd want to meet my MIL. She was already in memory care when I met her and she was still a wonderful woman, but she had such a very gifted past. It's the one thing I'm a little jealous of my husband's ex for. She got to sit and have long talks with our mother in law. (But I still the one who gets to keep the husband!)

  4. that is the cutest little kids always make me stop at the lobster tank when we go to the grocery store. 5 years and they still act like they will jump out of the tank at any minute!

  5. I have the same problem. I can be super tired and all I want to do is sleep but very rarely to I pass right out. I usually have to have a silent conversation first!!! That lobster outfit is too cute.

  6. I have the same problem with my brain. And the mosquitoes... full force right now!!


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