February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day on Tuesday Topics

Welcome to another week of Tuesday Topics! This week is all about Valentine's Day.

Do you like Valentine's Day?  If you celebrate this holiday, how do you celebrate?  Do you like surprises or do you just prefer to receive chocolate and flowers?  Do you have any good Valentine's Day related stories to tell us? Romantic or not...whichever.

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No, I don't like Valentine's Day and I don't think I ever have.  I prefer to celebrate this holiday by ignoring it but I have found that it is hard to ignore.  Every store you go to puts Valentine related stuff in your face.  Advertisements, cards, treats, gifts and more offer promises of everlasting love.  I think it is all bullshit!

I think my dislike for Valentine's Day began many, many years ago in Elementary School.  Each year the teacher would force all students to bring in a decorated shoebox for our Valentine's Day party.  Students would be given a list of names of every student in their class and were expected to make a Valentine to give to each one on the list.  I would work hours to pick out the perfect little valentine card for each person. I was always so excited to give them out as school...only to be disappointed at peoples comments about my cards.   Kids can say some really mean and hateful things.  While I don't remember the exact words, I do remember how much they hurt and how totally alone I always felt.  

As an adult, I do enjoy eating chocolate and receiving flowers, I do not like surprises. Flowers, chocolate and gifts should be given when the person feels like giving them to me.  Giving items should come from the heart NOT when that person was forced to give them because of some stupid holiday.  Gifts lose all meaning when someone is forced to give them.

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  1. What a horrid memory from your childhood...kids suck,lol. I never experienced anything negative out of Valentines Day either as a child or adult. Now while I don't think we need special day to express our love, I like some aspects about it. I never feel forced to buy my love something, I do if I feel like doing it and some years I have, others no so much. I don't also understand Mothers Day, Fathers Day and all those "Other" days we celebrate but you either choose to or not and I respect either way. Valentines dat for me is me baking and so if I could I would make you something very chocolatey :) Hugs!


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