February 21, 2012

It's Tuesday! Time for The Queen's Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme, which for this week is titled...The Household Meme!

1. How many gravy boats do you have in your kitchen? None and I really need to get one.  Every time I make gravy I am reminded that I need to get one but alas, I have not done so.

2. Do the clothes in your laundry basket need ironing?  No, thank goodness. I do no like to iron!

3. What is the last thing you wallpapered? Does my computer count? I hope so because I have not wallpapered a house in 25 years or so.

4.  Wooden floors or carpet?  I love wooden floors and if I can talk my hubby into it, we will be removing all the carpet in our house this summer.

5.  Why do we put out guest towels if no one is supposed to use them? I don't put out any guest towels and I don't own any.  Guests can use the same towels I do or bring their own.

6.  If your spatula could talk, what would it say about your duvet?  The spatula would say that I need a new duvet and to not call it a duvet.

7.  Have you replaced the batteries in your smoke alarms this year?  No, not that I can remember. I think hubby may have done it a few months ago.  Oh wait!!!! We need a new smoke alarm.  Another thing I keep forgetting to buy. (sigh)


  1. I have never owned a gravy boat, could be because we just are not huge gravy type people,lol.
    I don't iron, hubby does,hehe!
    I did not realize people still wallpapered walls,haha!
    I would love wood floors but I live on a base and get what I get.
    We do have "extra" towels for guests.
    We don't have to think about our smoke alarms living on base they do checks of that for us.

    1. LOL I for one would not wallpaper my walls. I don't like wallpaper.

  2. My boyfriend's mom has an electric gravy boat. It's awesome for making the second helping gravy as good as the first.


    1. An electric gravy boat? I need to get one of those.

  3. Electric gravy boat? Seriously??

    Hmmm....wallpaper.I like wallpaper. Mixed with paint. And wooden floors.
    I actually did my own meme this week. It's a meme miracle!


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