February 10, 2012

Friday Fluff: What Would You Do If?

Another fun way to spend your blogging time.  Friday Fluff! Which can be found each Friday at Seeking Elevation at www.seekingelevation.com.

This comes from here: www.quizopolis.com/survey/5659/What-Would-You-Do-If-Survey/

Stranded in a forest alone - I would enjoy the peace and quiet.

Sensed someone stalking you - Turn around and punch them in the face.  Or trip them.

You suddenly developed superhuman strength - Carry my husband every where so that he does not have to walk on his messed up feet.

You saw a dead cat - Cry.

You saw a dead human - Cry.

Someone anonymously send a love note - Doing that is just stupid....I would not send one.

You become blind - Learn to cope.

Your car breaks down beside a graveyard - Call the tow truck.

Your best friend calls you at 4am - Panic because I know something is wrong.

You could bring back anyone from 6 feet under - I would bring my mother, father and grandparents back.

Someone kept staring at you - Poke them in the eye or ignore them until they went  away.

Someone ate your lunch - Chase them down and demand they buy me lunch.

You're at a stranger's funeral - I would leave.

You got 100 free spray cans - I would give it away to someone that could use it.

A horse came chasing after you - I would hide behind something...like a tree.  Or run into the barn and hide.


  1. Very sweet but also made me chuckle, you carrying Steve around on your back!

  2. Ha ha. Your answers are so nice. :-) Except for the poking and the chasing and the punching.

  3. This is funny and SE is right, poking, chasing and punching are not nice, but very appropriate. I was a bit freaked by the idea of you taking your lunch back after I'd eaten it. Ouch. =)

  4. Yeah. Death is pretty cry-worth, and the stalkers DESERVE to be punched out and tripped. Maybe that horse will consent to chase THEM instead of you...


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