February 24, 2012

Friday Fluff on 24 February 2012



Do you think people are good - I think some people want others to think they are good but they are not so great at hiding who they really are.

Do you like meeting people - Not really.  I prefer people I have known a long time.

Do you shake hands - I prefer not to but will if the situation calls for it.

Is a good handshake important - Yes.

Do you get along with the opposite sex - Yes, much better than with people of the same sex.

Do you like being around small children - As I get older I find small children to be very annoying.

Do you like yourself - Sometimes but more often than not I do not like myself.

Do you have a best friend - Yes, three of them.

Do you think your a good friend - Yes, very much so.

Do you listen to gossip - No, it is annoying.

Do you think midgets are funny - No.

Do you feel sorry for fat people - I am a fat person and yes I feel sad for myself but not sorry.

Is it funny when someone falls - Not really.  And if I am the one falling it is very so not funny.

Do you like animals - Yes, much more than people.

Do you help people alot - All the time. 

Do you do random nice things for people - Yes, it makes the world a better place.

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