February 2, 2012

Breakfast This Or That

Today we have a theme and that theme is... Breakfast!

Sausage or Bacon?  BACON!!!! Lots and lots of bacon.  Bacon is beyond awesome. I drool just thinking about bacon.

                                                                          Source: newlyweds-blog.com via Angela on Pinterest

Pancakes or French toast?  Blueberry pancakes with fresh strawberries on top.

Toast: Buttered or Jelly?  I would prefer both but if I have to choose then I pick butter.  I love butter almost as much as I love bacon.

                                                                         Source: petitekitchenesse.com via Anne on Pinterest

Fried Eggs or Omelet? Fried eggs with the yolk just slightly runny.

Strawberries or Cantaloupe? I love strawberries and really, really dislike cantaloupe. I can eat strawberries by the truck load.  Cantaloupe made me sick as a kid and now I cannot even smell it without my tummy starting to hurt.
                                                                                           Source: google.com via Cocoa on Pinterest

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