January 31, 2012

Tuesday Topics - Favorites

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Topics! 
I have been searching for new, fun things to do in the blogging world such as meme's and things. I have not been really able to find anything for Tuesday.  So, here is a new thing to do each week...TUESDAY TOPICS.

Please share with us a few of your favorite things.  Such as your favorite:

Blog(s) I Read: Check out my blogroll and meme's list.  I visit all of those places and more! I really need to update both of these list .

Color: Blue....all shades of blue. 

Holiday: Thanksgiving....for all the food LOL

Offline Games:  Card games like Gin Rummy, Poker, Progressive, Uno.

Photo of You: Me and CC in 1998


Photo of Your Family: My son and daughter when they were little.


Photo of Your Pet(s): Annabelle and Shelby


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