January 24, 2012

Tuesday Topics: Career and Education

I have been searching for new, fun things to do in the blogging world such as meme's and things. I have not been really able to find anything for Tuesday.  So, here is a new thing to do each week...TUESDAY TOPICS.

01. Did you graduate from high school?
02. Did you attend college or go to a university?
03. Are you currently in college?
04. Are you currently working?
05. Is this your dream career?
06. Are you happy with your job?

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My responses:

Yes I graduated from High School in May 1989. However, I did not go to college until the fall of 1994. I only attended the Fall semester of 1994 at Mineral Area College, then had to drop out in order to work full time and take care of my children.

In 1998, I went back to Mineral Area College and graduated in May 2000 with an Associate's Degree (Criminal Justice). I then had a change in career plans and went to Park University in 2002 to 2004, where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Management/Human Resource Management.

I am not currently attending college, though I do want to get a Master's Degree someday. I work full-time as a Civil Servant and I am currently happy with my job. I would not say I am in my dream career but I am getting close.

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