January 12, 2012

ThursdayThis Or That: Goofy Tuna and Sexy Recipes

Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse or Goofy? I prefer Goofy over Mickey Mouse.  Goofy is clumsy like me.

Sandwich: Chicken Cordon Bleu or Tuna Salad?  Tuna Salad, but not very often.  My husband hates the smell of Tuna Fish, it makes him gag.

TV Show Re-runs: Cosby Show or Full House?  I watched both as a kid but I prefer Full House.  John Stamos was a hottie!

Sledding or Ice Skating?  Sledding for me please.  I would rather be sitting on an sled and not falling on my butt trying to skate.

Source: google.com via Barbara on Pinterest

Use a recipe or Make one up yourself?   I prefer to follow a recipe.  I am not good at making them up.

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  1. Thanks again for playing. John Stamos definitely was a hottie. Still pretty hot in my opinion. :)


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