January 3, 2012

This or That Mixture

This was taken from the Thursday This or That meme.  It is three different posts combined into one.  Enjoy!

XBox or Playstation 3?

XBox…I enjoy a lot of games on the Xbox and find it easier to play.

Barbie or Bratz?

Barbie…that bitch has everything! Hehe

Bicycle or Skateboard?

Bicycle…my skateboarding skills are not so great.

Scrabble or Monopoly?

Scrabble…I enjoy games like Words With Friends and other Scrabble like games.

Soccer ball or Basketball?

Basketball…I even played when I was in Middle School and  High School (Coach Dillard  and Coach Sulser)

Black & White or Sepia Photos?

Black & White photos look the best to me…they look more natural.

House phone or Cell phone?

Cell Phone…it is with me all the time. I hardly ever remember to check my house phone for messages.

Cable TV or Satellite?

Cable TV…digital with Food Network!

Scrambled Eggs or Poached Eggs?

Scrambled Eggs…I have never liked  poached eggs. 

Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?

Katy Perry…her music is fresh and gets me dancing.

Fave Author: Stephen King or Danielle Steel?

Stephen King…a good scare is fun now and then.

Fudge or Rice Krispie Treats?

Rice Krispie Treats with chocolate drizzled over the top.  Yummy

Temperatures always in the teens or always 100+?

That is just to extreme in both directions for me.  But since I have to choose I will take the 100+…more fun to be had in the heat!

Fave Craft: Scrapbooking or Painting?

Scrapbooking is much more fun than  painting. Besides, I dont paint very well.

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