January 20, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop


1. I used to enjoy sitting on the couch and watching television but now I don’t really anymore except for when I not feeling well.

2. My first job was working in a factory making binders. I got all the crappy jobs that no one else wanted to do.
Source: google.com via Lindsay on Pinterest

3. I am a bit obsessed with "Chocolate Magic Shell" at the moment

4. If I don’t have my puppies by my side at night, I don’t sleep well


  1. i LOVE chocolate magic shell and haven't had it in ages...now it makes me want some!

  2. Visiting from Friday Four Fill-In. Love you doggy pictures, One of my dogs sleeps with me, the other is too old to hop up on the bed, so she sleeps right beside the bed, where I can step on her, if I'm not careful getting out of bed. Drop by for a visit.

  3. Love the chocolate shell, too. It's one of my son's favorite things. I have one of my pooches in bed with me, too... and yes, when she's not there i don't sleep well either.:)Have a nice weekend.

  4. I haven't had chocolate magic shell in forever.. i want some now... I feel the same way you do about TV!

    Thank you SO much for adding the linky to your post!

  5. Anything chocolate would be awesome right now!!

  6. somehow making binders really doesn't sound that great of a job.

  7. I haven't tried the chocolate magic shell but boy did I have a thing for the peanut butter one!


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