January 28, 2012

Camera Critters: Snow Adventures

On January 20th it snowed the entire day while I was at work.  So when I got home that evening I had to shovel the sidewalks, my front steps and the deck. Shelby, my boxer, decided she wanted to help me.  
Here is Shelby's version of helping.  First she looks left...nope no one over there.

Then she looks right.  Nope, nothing over there either.  
After seeing that everything was all clear she ran around on the deck and refused to pose for any more photos. After a bit her feet got cold and she went back inside to tell Annabelle, my black lab, all about her adventures outdoors.

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  1. haha! great helps aren't they? my two would sit and watch too.

  2. You've got beautiful girls! We have to terrier boys hehehe.

    Love is in the air with Champ and Ruby, come and see.


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