January 24, 2012

All About Shannon

All About Me Survey

I Am – tall, fat and happy most of the time.

I Want – peace, quiet and happiness.

I Have – two children and two dogs.

I Wish – there was a cure for psorisis.

I Hate – MRSA.

I Fear – death.

I Hear – SWTOR and WoW in the background.

I Search – for answers.

I Wonder – when I will find those answers.

I Regret – not telling my mother how much I love her.

I Love – my husband, children, dogs, brother, in-laws, nieces and nephews.

I Ache – in my hands and feet.

I Always – do my best to be kind.

I Usually – take a Hot Pocket to work for lunch.

I Am Not – skinny.

I Dance – when no one is looking.

I Sing – when I take a shower.

I Never – have been para-sailing but would love to go.

I Rarely – look in the mirror because I do not like what I see.

I Cry – when I see or hear about an abused child or animal.

I Am Not Always – happy with myself.

I Lose – my car sometimes when I park in a large parking lot.

I’m Confused – as  to why there is so much stupidity in this world.

I Need – someone to love me unconditionally.

I Should – really loose a lot of weight.

I Dream – of being debt free.

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