December 21, 2011

MRSA Sucks

I went to the doctor today because my left leg is swollen, red and there are some hard, knots on the back of my calf.

Doctor said my MRSA is acting up again. He think it started this time from an insect bite (or a tick or fleas or...anything) mixed in with my psoriasis. I think he is wrong about the insect bite for a few reasons (it is too cold for ticks to be out; nothing has bitten me and my dogs do not have fleas), However, the psoriasis on my feet is really bad again and I think that is what caused the MRSA to act up.

But I digress.

I am on antibiotics and I have some cream for the psoriasis and the knots on my leg. I have to keep my leg elevated as much as possible and try to rest as much as possible.  (Yeah right!!! LOL like I have time for that!)


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