November 21, 2011

The Queen's Meme #103: The Wild Fowl Meme

1. How many people will you be cooking for this Thanksgiving?

~None.  We are going to my mother-in-laws for dinner.  She is an AWESOME cook!

2. What is your specialty dish?

~Nothing really. I am not a very good cook.

3. Can you give me a quick mini course in basting a turkey?

~Every half hour baste the turkey with melted butter.

4. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

~Having the day off to do nothing but eat good food  all day.

5. Which one of the real turkeys in your life do you think deserves a pardon?

~None of them. They have done nothing to deserve a pardon.

6. It's your chance to change the course of holiday history. In your opinion, what animals or animal besides wild fowl (ducks, geese, swans, and turkey) should have been eaten on the First Thanksgiving?

~Deer or something from the ocean (lobster, clams, oysters)

7. What are you most thankful for in your life?

~My son, Colt; my brother, Brian; my husband, Steve; my daughter, Vickie; my nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles....all my family and all of my awesome friends. 

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