October 31, 2011

Woof Woof! Happy Halloween!

The Scariest Thing
- by Mairi Tereas Gallagher

Some things are scary
Others are not,
Like ghosts and goblins,
And things that rot

Cats and dogs are not scary
At all,
All they do is play chase
And catch a ball.

But the scariest thing
Creeps around at night,
Looking for victims
To scratch and bite.

It hides its face
It's too ugly to see,
It rules all the monsters,
Both tall and wee.

Those who've seen his face,
Their eyes burst and bleed,
They beg for mercy
"Spare us, spare us," they plead.

But he's not a giver
He takes what he finds,
All sorts of people
Both sightseers and blind.

You've got the picture,
That he is the king
Of everything scary,
Every little scary thing.

So watch out at night 'cause if
By him you're seen,
He'll give you an evil grin
And say...


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