October 25, 2011

BlogBlast For Peace - Only 10 Days Away

The following information was created by Mimi Lenox.  Visit her at mimilenox.com

If words are powerful...then this matters. One subject One day One voice November 4, 2011

BlogBlast For Peace was founded by Mimi Lenox in October 2006 as Dona Nobis Pacem in the blogosphere. It was the first internet presence to ask bloggers to post on the same subject on the same day.

The concept spread around the world and is now displayed in 57 countries (and counting).

BlogBlast For Peace is an online community of international bloggers and social networking site users who "blog for peace" each year. We believe that if words are powerful..... this matters.

The peace globe posts spread from blog to blog and has become an online movement with thousands participating. There are currently 1800 bloggers and website owners involved in the project from 50 countries!

Our next event is November 4, 2011. BlogBlast For Peace is a way to get involved, a way to have a voice. If you would like to share our vision for global peace, please join us. Fly a peace globe (free template provided), write a post, learn about your neighbor across the continent on the other side of the world, or even next door.

Around a global table of peacemakers....anything is possible.


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  1. You are a peace blogging machine.
    I bow.

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