September 10, 2011

Reason #54: Blogging For Peace

This is the challenge: If you are a peace blogger (even if you're not!) join us in counting down to the next BlogBlast For Peace on November 4, 2011. We say we want peace? The world wants to know why. Let's tell them. Simply post this logo on your blog or FB page with one reason each day for the next 100 days. How many reasons can we find?

Reason #100 - So my children have a better world to live in.
Reason #99 - To stop the hatred
Reason #98 - To be free from pain
Reason #97 – Because peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you do , something you are and something you give away (Robert Fulghum)
Reason #96 – Peace helps eliminate stress, worries and anxieties
Reason #95 – To help us develop patience
Reason #94 – To help us develop tolerance
Reason #93 – To help us feel stable
Reason #92 – Because every life is precious
Reason #91 – To make life look brighter
Reason #90 – Peace is its own reward. (Gandhi)
Reason #89 – So we can sleep at night with fewer worries.
Reason #88 – To prevent things like "Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan"
Reason #87 – So we can sing loud and proud!
Reason #86 - So people can travel the world and enjoy all the wonders.
Reason #85 - So some people have a good reason to get up in the mornings.
Reason #84 - To help prevent hunger
Reason #83 - To eliminate hate crimes
Reason #82 - To help eliminate poverty 
Reason #81 - To promote better health 
Reason #80 -  So we can leave our doors unlocked at night
Reason #79 -  So the world can stand united
Reason #78 - To share the love 
Reason #77 - To rid the world of demons 
Reason #76 - To show the world there is nothing wrong with getting along 
Reason #75 - To end the suffering of millions of people
Reason #74 - Because there is nothing wrong with getting along
Reason #73 - So my son can sleep in his own bed each night.
Reason #72 - To end child abuse
Reason #71 - To end animal abuse
Reason #70 - To promote understanding
Reason #69 - So everyone can have an education
Reason #68 - So dreams can come true
Reason #67- To fill the world with love
Reason #66 - To fill the world with happiness     
Reason #65 - To prevent abuse of the elderly
Reason #64- To work together to find  a cure for cancer
Reason #63 - So that people slow down to smell the roses
Reason #62 - So there are no more protest at military funerals
Reason #61 - To protect the world from stupidity
Reason #60 - So that everyone's opinion is truly valued  
Reason #59 - To prevent "flash mobs"
Reason #58 -  So that people have a real reason to want to change
Reason #57 - “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.” ~Buddha
Reason #56 -  So we may enjoy moments of silence
Reason #55 - So that people are not afraid to stop and help someone that is broke down on 
                      the side of the road.
Reason #54 - So that things like 9-11 never happen again

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