August 28, 2011

Stealing: The August 20 Question Meme


1. What's for breakfast? Breakfast cookies

2. Do you read a newspaper daily? Yes

3. What do you do when you can't sleep? Watch TV or play on Facebook

4. Say a word that sums up your mood. Blah

5. Do you remember your dreams? Only the bad ones

6. Name something from your dream last night.  My grandpa's house.

7. Name a food that describes you. Chocolate

8. Today you are wearing: Pants, shirt, socks, shoes, underwear and bra

9. What's in your pockets? Lint

10. Did you sing in the shower today? No

11. What's the last song you heard? Crimson and Clover

12. Looking forward to the holidays? Not really

13. Where do you want to be this instant? In Washington

14. What's for lunch? Catfish at the Hungry Peddler

15. What's something you would like to do soon? Drive/fly to Washington

16. Reading anything now? What is it? James Patterson, Buried Prey

17. What's for dinner? A bowl of cereal

18. A favorite part of the day is: Bedtime

19. Are you happy? most of the time

20. Guess how many people will do Sunday Stealing this weekend? 20


  1. Greetings from a fellow introspective! I'm visiting via Sunday Stealing - although most of my answers are different than yours, we seem to have a lot in common - yay bedtime!!! I'm intrigued by your blog - have been introspecting a lot about introspection lately. Will spend more time here!

  2. Hey - I just discovered this week - woo hoo! Have you tried

  3. Yes, I have tried but I prefer Pogo :)

  4. A bowl of cereal can really hit the spot. As could a bowl of popcorn...

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Monday Mayhem is now posted!


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