April 15, 2011

Friday Fill-ins: April 15, 2011

1. For me, it was was funny until he shot me in the leg with a BB Gun.

2. Prices are little high at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the sound of the wind in the trees, I heard a lone wolf looking for his mate.

4. Para-sailing is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, the fat lady won't be singing...she already left the building.

6. I was afraid but I never felt alone.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cleaning the house, tomorrow my plans include picking up hubby from the airport & wish my daughter a happy birthday and Sunday, I want to snuggle with hubby all day!


  1. When we went to the Bahamas we saw many people para-sailing. It scares me a bit though! Yaya for hubby coming home tomorrow!! Hugs :)


  2. I bet you para-sailing is interesting...Happy weekend and mine is up.

    Mine is here

  3. the bb gun one gave me quite the chuckle


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