March 13, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Burnt Toast Meme, Part Two

Hosted by Judd Corizan

17. Who would you like to show up at your door to say they love you? My husband

18. Last furry thing you touched? My dogs

19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days? Two - Tylenol and Ibuprofen

20. Do you miss film or does digital work for you? I prefer digital.

21. Favorite age you have been so far? 30

22. Your worst enemy? Fat

23. What is your current desktop picture? World of Warcraft

24. What was the last thing you said that was funny? "I am only going into the office for a few hours"

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be? A million bucks because I want to pay off my debt. If I want to fly I will get on a plane.

26. Who can't you say “no” to? Chocolate

27. The last song you bought or downloaded? "Jar of Hearts"

28. What time of day were you born? I dont know.

29. What’s your favorite number? Why? idea wh.

30. Where did you live in 1987? Annapolis, Missouri

31. Are you jealous of anyone? No

32. Is anyone jealous of you? HAHA!!! I really doubt it!

33. It's been almost a decade. Where were you when 9/11 happened? At home watching it on tv.


  1. I betcha there are people jealous of you. You are grounded, bright and extremely moral... :)

  2. My son was into the WOW thing.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!


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