June 21, 2010

Queen's Meme: Beach Time


1. When is the last time you saw the ocean? Last Thursday (June 17th) - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

2. Where is your favorite stretch of beach shoreline? Daytona Beach, Florida

3. Are you planning a beach vacation this year? No, already had one...kind of. I was in Florida for training for two weeks.

4. Bikinis or one-piece? One piece with a cover-up!

5. Do you sunbathe or sit under an umbrella? Sit under an umbrella

6. Have you ever been to a nude beach? Not a total nude beach

7. Favorite activity at the beach while on vacation? Walking barefoot in the sand

8. Condo, hotel or cottage rental? Hotel

9. What beach in the whole wide world would you like to visit for the first time? The Atlantic in the Gulf of Mexico..off the coast of Mobile, Alabama about 30 years ago.

10. Did you ever have a special romantic time at the beach? Nope, never....maybe someday.

11. Tell us about a favorite beach memory. The very first time my mom got into the ocean she freaked out when a huge wave knocked her sunglasses off. She got out of the water and refused to get back in....and she didnt want my brother and I to play in the water. Dad talked her into letting us go back in.


Here are a few photos I took while in Florida for the last two weeks.


  1. This meme was perfect timing for you, Miss Shannon. You are up first. I love your pictures!
    My mother was afraid of the water as well. She would only go in up to her knees. But I love it.

    Are you glad to be home or do you already miss Florida?

  2. What's 'not a total nude beach'? Either it is or it isn't!

  3. Glad you had a chance to get in some swim time.

  4. Thank you Mimi! I started missing Florida the moment my plane took off.

    Jean-Luc...no one was brave enough to go totally naked!

    Jamie...I didnt get to swim, but I did get my feet wet.

  5. Great pics Shay, I want to see some more :) Hugs!



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