May 9, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Speed Dating Meme

Hosted by Judd Corizan

1. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book? "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

2. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be? The Ewing Family home on Dallas

3. What's the longest you've gone without sleep? 36 hours

4. What's your favorite Barry Manilow song? None that I can think of

5. Who's your favorite Muppet? I have two actually, Fozie Bear and Beaker

6. What's the habit you're proudest of breaking? Drinking regular soda

7. What's your favorite website?

8. What's your favorite school supply? Elmers Glue

9. Who's your favorite TV attorney? None

10. What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles? We went to the casino.

11. What's the best bargain you've ever found at a garage sale or junk shop? Nothing I can think of

12. Where were you on September 11, 2001? Took my children to school then went home to take a nap. My sister-in-law woke me up around 9:00am so we could watch the news together.

13. What's your favorite tree? Weeping Willow

14. What's the most interesting biography you've read? None

15. What do you order when you eat Chinese food? Shrimp Fried Rice

16. What's the best costume you've ever worn?

17. What's your least favorite word? Frigging

18. If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be? Missouri

19. Who's your favorite bear? The Snuggle fabric softener bear

20. Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation. My parents dying so young.

21. If you could travel anywhere in Africa, where would it be? Moracco

22. What did you have for lunch yesterday? Chicken Noodle Soup

23. Where do you go for advice? No one

24. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus? Dictionary

25. Have you ever been snorkeling? Scuba diving? Neither but I would love to go at least once!


  1. I visited Southfork Ranch, back when Dallas was still in, and while we couldn't go inside I remember how cool that little veranda was -- near the pool, where they always had breakfast. Nice choice.

  2. Willow's are definitely amazing trees.

    Have a great day!

  3. Gal..that would have been awesome!!!

    Harriet...I agree!

    Have a great day ladies!!!

  4. I picked Southfork too! Happy Mother's Day, my friend...


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