May 29, 2010

Saturday 9: Midnight Confessions

Hosted by Crazy Sam

1. Have you ever had to confess something to a lover or friend? I had to confess to someone once how much I loved them. And at the time he felt the same way.

2. How well do you handle rejection?
I cry, I hurt and I move on.

3. What makes you feel old? My kids growing up and having children of their own.

4. What makes you feel young? Running around the yard with my dogs.

5. What’s something you are old school about? I believe teenagers should have a curfew on school nights and should be home in bed by a certain time.

6. What TV show's seasons would you buy on DVD? Tell us why it rocks. M*A*S*H because I can watch it for hours!

7. If you could create your own TV channel, what would it be? Something for fat people like me, instead of gearing things to all the skinny people in life!

8. Where do you like to go for a day trip? The Wisconsin Dells to ride the Original Wisconsin Ducks.

9. Name some things that you still want to do in your life.
I want to travel to Hawaii and Ireland.

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