July 18, 2009

Saturday 9: Heatwave

Hosted by Crazy Sam


1. It’s July. How has the weather been where you are? Not to bad here in the great state of Wisconsin. We have only had a few really hot days. Today the highs will only be around 70!

2. What is the best way for you to beat the heat? Stay in the house reading a book or surfing the internet while drinking sweet iced tea.

3. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Do you buy that? Yes, especially when I lived in Missouri. It was hard to breathe when the humidity was higher.

4. Do you like hot tubs or saunas? Hot Tubs!!!

5. What’s the hottest you’ve ever been? 115 to 120 degrees

6. How many times do you hit the beach in the summer? None, I dont have time.

7. When you were a kid, what did you do in the summer? Camping, fishing, swimming, vacation for two weeks, visit family and friends, read, play video games.

8. Surfing. Have you ever gotten on a surfboard? Body surf? No, but I would like to try it!

9. What’s your favorite summer song? "
Cruel Summer, by Bananarama" or "Summer time Blues"


  1. Sweet tea vodka is all the rage. Have a great Saturday..

  2. I had Summer Time Blues also. Happy Saturday!

  3. Your #2 sounds like the best way to beat the heat. Have a good night!


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