July 14, 2009

The Queen's Meme - Week One

Mimi, the Queen of the Blogosphere has starting a new meme!

The Queen's Meme


1. You are in court. You are in deep doo-doo. What did you do? I ate four miniature cow pies (crunchy pecans, buttery caramel drenched in smooth milk chocolate) and all that sugar made my teeth hurt.

2. Your blog just became a best-selling book . What is the title of your book? Moments of Introspection

3. It is midnight. The phone rings. It is Michael Jackson calling from the Great Beyond. What would you like to ask him? First I would have to yell at him for calling so late then I would ask him to please call back at another time because I am sleeping.

4. You are having your future told. The fortune teller looks in the crystal ball, screams and leaves the room in fright. What did they see? She discovers how addicted I am to the World Of Warcraft and that one day I actually become one of my character and fall deep into a fantasy world.

5. You're blogging along minding your own blusiness (that's blog + oh...you know) when Google unexpectedly puts a Objectionable Content Warning on your blog. Your own mother is afraid to enter! What, pray tell, did you do to warrant it? How did this happen? Do you think you deserve it? Just how objectionable are you? Do tell. My mother was rather open minded with somethings and I don't put "bad" things on my blog. She probably would not like to hear about my sex life though.

6. You suddenly become God Of The Universe. What would your first Commandment be? Thou Shall Build Mountains Out of Chocolate!

7. And finally, what secret would you like to tell the Queen? I am addicted to chocolate and Facebook. I need an intervention!


  1. Excellent! I was so hoping you would become a player.
    What character would you want to become in World of Warcraft?
    Just asking. I've never played or even investigated it.
    Don't they need some peace globes over there?

  2. Sorry for not playing sooner this week. Work keeps me rather busy...and then I come home and mess around on Facebook and play WoW.

    I would be a Tauren Druid (a cow that heals!) lol

    Yes, they need peace globes! All worlds (real or fantasy) need peace globes.


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