July 3, 2009

The Last of ...All About me

First surgery : 6 months old - lymph node removed
First piercing : Ear lobes at age 12
First best friend : Marsha
First sport you joined : Basketball
First pet : Two dogs - Mutt and Jeff
First vacation : The Smoky Mountains
First concert : REM
First crush : Jimmy Rainey
Very FIRST memory? : Not sure
First person you had a fight with?: My brother
First time you rode a bike?: Age 10
First car: 1989 Ford Escort
First person you slow danced with: Richard
If your house was on fire, first thing you'd grab?: My dogs and kids
First Movie You Saw: I think Gone With The Wind but not sure
First time you were afraid: When my grandma was really sick, many years ago
First song you remember listening to: Something country - Like Hank Williams Sr.
First thing you'd do with 5 million dollars: Get my teeth fixed
First thing you notice when you look in the mirror?: My horrible teeth
First impression of your bf/gf?: Very kind and brave
Your ex and You: There is no us. He is a total jerk.
I am listening to: Music
Maybe I should: Clean the house
I love: Steve, Colt, Vickie, Jeremiah, my dogs, and my brother.
My best friend(s): Nancy Joe and Johnny
I don't understand: Stupidity
I have lost my respect for: people that act stupid
The meaning of my display name is: it is my name
I will always be: kind and caring
Love seems to: be an ongoing battle
I never ever want to lose: my children
I get annoyed when: people act stupid
Do you like parties?: Not really
Today I: slept in late
I wish: I had more money
Are you neat or sloppy?: neat
What kind of clothes do you like?: comforatble clothing
Are you mad at someone?: no
What do you do in your spare time: sleep, read, play WoW, or Facebook
Do you have any medical problems?: Yes, my teeth
What kind of car do you have/want?: I have a Dodge Neon but I would like a Mustang
Do you like to read? What?: Yes, a variety
Do you cook?: Yes
Would you do drugs?: No
Have you ever written a song?: No
Do you like poetry?: Yes
Have you written poetry?: Yes
Have you dated someone older than you?: Yes
How much older?: 12 years older

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  1. I've learned lots about you! :) Happy 4th! Enjoy your weekend...


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