July 23, 2009

All About Me....again

Shannon answered 'Questions Of The Day' questions in All About Me.

The Basics
Are you dependable?: Yes
What's your best friend's name?: Nancy Joe and Johnny
How old were you at the start of the year?: 38
What is your prize possesion?: my computer
What type of clothes are you in to?: Tee shirts and sleep pants

My Favorites
Wedding song?: Angel Eyes by the Jeff Healey Band
Body part on opposite sex?: Eyes
Song you hate to admit you like?: Peached by "Presidents of the United States of America"
Thing that happened to you today?: I removed my new dentures without crying
Place to visit during the summer?: Wisconsin Dells

This or That
Do you choose a partner on looks or what's inside?: On what's inside
Do you prefer camping or staying in cabins?: Camping
Family or Friends?: Family first
Car or transit?: Car
City slicker or Country boy?: Country Boy

Do You?
Think that living in the same place forever is a good idea?: No
Think you would change your lifestyle if God existed for sure?: No
Trust and respect police?: Yes
Fall in love easily and sometimes take things too fast?: No
Speed?: Sometimes

Have You Ever
Told some you love them, when you really didn't?: Yes
Called in sick when you were feeling just fine?: Yes
Cliff jumped?: Not yet
Done something you regret now?: Yes
Wanted a second chance?: Yes

What is playing in your Ipod?: 80's Hair Bands
What are you thinking right now?: My mouth hurts
Why is the sky blue?: Because that is my favorite color
Do you like climbing trees?: Yes
Who made you smile today?: Colt and Steve

Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?: Bruce lee
Cheesecake or Apple Pie?: Cheesecake
Do care if your folks are reading this?: No
Do you have any special talents?: No
Why do you like doing surveys?: To keep from being bored

First time you had sex?: Nearly 18 years ol
When is the first time u drank?: 21
Who did you drink with the first time?: My mother
What was your first car?: Ford Escort
What was your first word?: Mamma

As of Now
Are you happy with who's running the country?: Sometimes
Would you ever go back with an ex?: Hell NO
Are you a vegitarian?: No
Are you happy with your job?: Yes
Have you ever dated somone younger than you?: Yes and I am living with him!


  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

  2. Shannon,
    Stopping by to check on you. How are you doing? You haven't blogged in a while. We miss you!


  3. I am doing ok! Thank you so much for asking. I finally went to the dentist and got all my teeth pulled. Dentures are a little hard to get use to! lol I have become addicted to Facebook! and I am on there most of the evening. I will blog more soon :)


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