June 23, 2009

TMI Tuesday 192

Hosted by Professor Fate

1. Would you stay in a loveless relationship for the amazing sex? No!

2. If you could only have one, which would you choose: love that lasts forever or great, body numbing sex? Love that lasts forever

3. Looking back at your past loves, which one should you have married/taken back and who should you have tossed earlier than you did? I should have never married any of my past loves and I never will. I will never take any of them back and I should have tossed my ex-husband long before we broke up.

4. if you had one last fuck in you where, how and who would you “give it” to? Steve...in a furniture store

5. Which is more important sex, money, love and happiness? (and no, you can’t pick’em all) Happiness


  1. A furniture store huh, that tis interesting,lol.

  2. Well............I wasn't as optimistic with my answers! heeeheeehee

  3. Steve ... in a furniture store.

    That is a creative answer!


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