June 20, 2009

Saturday 9: Never Say Never Again

Hosted by Crazy Sam

1. Do you like James Bond films? If yes, what’s your favorite? I don't really like the James Bond films and don't have a favorite one.

2. Are you daring enough to go snorkeling in the water fountain at the mall? If it had more than two inches of water in it I would be daring enough.

3. Do you sometimes hate everything and everyone around you? Yes but I keep it to myself.

4. Do you secretly or openly believe the world revolves around you? No, but there are times I wish the world revolved around me.

5. Would you rather buy a moped or a Harley Davidson? Harley! Vroom Vroom baby!

6. Do you water ski or ice ski? Water Ski

7. Tell us about the last time that you tailgated. I don't remember the last time I tailgated.

8. What was the last concert that you attended? It was for a local band in Missouri called GTO (Good Time Oldies).

9. What’s the most exotic food that you’ve ate? Rattlesnake, chocolate covered grasshopper.


  1. snake - is served in some seaside restaurants here.

    happy saturday.

  2. Chocolate covered insects are suppose to be high in protein. Go figure.

    Happy Father's Day!

  3. You are too funny! "Yes but I keep it to myself." BWAHAHAHA!

  4. Chocolate covered grasshopper? Wow! Where do you get those? How did it taste? Check out my Saturday nine here.

  5. lol boy...you are daring.. I might lick off the chocolate but no way is that grasshopper getting past these lips! :-)

  6. Well, I've had escargot a couple of times, but I don't think I'm adventurous enough to knowingly eat snake--and definitely not chocolate covered insects of any kind!


  7. They made me think I was the only one in the world not liking James Bond movies...

    Have a great week!

  8. I enjoy Bond movies -- Pierce Brosnan is my favorite, especially "Goldeneye"!

  9. you haven't blogged since saturday???? But Shannon!!! I have to come here first to know where to go!!!! heeeheeeheee


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