June 13, 2009

Saturday 9: Games People Play

Hosted by Crazy Sam

1. What was your favorite active game as a child? Playing tag while riding an ATV.

2. What was your favorite board game as a child? Monopoly

3. Tell us about a friend you played these games with in your youth. My cousin, Greg, who was three months younger than me and lived next door.

4. What is your favorite card game? Solitaire

5. What board games do you enjoy now? Yahtzee, Monopoly

6. Do you play video games? Which ones? World of Warcraft, Role Playing Games, MMORPG's, Adventure, Action, Puzzles and more.

7. Tell us about the friends you play games with now. My other half, Steve; my son, Colt and I play games on the computer and a lot on XBox Live.

8. Do you play any sports now? No, I am too fat and too old.

9. What’s your favorite sport to watch? Football, Hockey and Baseball


  1. I used to play games all the time when I was a kid, but the only time I play now is at our monthly "cousins day" when 2 of my cousins, my mother and I get together and play marathon card games for a day and a half.

    * mingle *

  2. Authors of Rich Dad, Poor Dad say monopoly can be a good intro to know-hows on money matters in adult life :)

  3. Tag on a ATV - what a hoot! Thanks for visiting earlier.

  4. Looking forward to poking around your blog :) Thanks for stopping by mine!

    *minglin' (a little late)

  5. ATV Tag could be fun.


  6. Tag on an ATV must have been fun! Have a happy Saturday :)

  7. You really don't have to know you well to know that the World of Warcraft was coming! Happy Saturday!

  8. Thank you all for visiting and Happy Saturday!

  9. I too enjoy Yatzee. Sometimes, my mom, my daughter and I will play a few games.

  10. My first husband and I used to play Yahtzee all the time. It was fun.


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