June 12, 2009

Friday Fill-ins #128

Hosted by Janet

1. I grew up thinking I would be a computer programmer in the Air Force.

2. Facebook was the last website I was at before coming here.

3. Why don't you just shut the hell up?

4. Sleeping helps me relax.

5. Thanks for the banana bread.

6. Stupidity is very off-putting.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reading "Dark of the Moon" by John Sandford, tomorrow my plans include going to Butterfest and Sunday, I want to go shopping, play World of Warcraft and do laundry!


  1. Hi, Shannon!!! You and I agree on #2 & 3 hahaha! Have a great weekend!!!!

  2. I had the same #2. Shocking, huh? ;)

    #3 crossed my mind.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Oh sleep and banana bread that would be fabulous! What happened to your dream of the Air Force. My Friday Fill-in answers are here.

  4. Have a great weekend! What is Butterfest?


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