May 3, 2009

SDS: Easy Enchiladas

Tamy at "3 Sides of Crazy" has started a new Meme Simply Delicious Sunday.
This is my 10th week to play along and here is my recipe

* 12 corn tortillas
* 1 28oz can of red enchilada sauce
* 2 cups (16 oz) mozzarella or queso blanco
* 1 1/2 cups meat (optional) shredded beef or chicken
* 2-3 tablespoons oil

Coat each tortilla with oil using your hands or a brush. Spread out on a cookie sheet or baking dish and bake in a 500 degree oven for about 7 minutes. Take out to cool until they are warm to the touch. The cheese can be shredded, or just cut into slices 3-4 inches long, and 1/4 inch thick.

Pour just enough sauce in the bottom of a 9x13 glass baking dish to cover the it. Pour the rest of the sauce in a large bowl. Dip tortillas, one at a time, in the bowl to coat with sauce. Lay the tortilla in baking dish and if you're using the meat, put in about 2-3 tablespoons. Place the cheese on top of the meat. Fold one edge over the cheese, then the other one, then turn the whole thing over, folded side down, in baking dish. Repeat for each tortilla. Sprinkle any leftover sauce and/or cheese on top of enchiladas.

Place in 400 degree oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.


  1. This sounds sooo good. I will have to try it soon!!

  2. I think I could eat enchiladas once a week. Your recipe looks really good.

  3. Thanks for sharing this easy way to make enchiladas. Here in California, we love Mexican food.

  4. These sound great. I'm with Joy Mexican food is a big deal in CA (which is where I am) right now. Hubby just mentioned to me that there is a box to be mailed to you! I thought he mailed that months ago. I'll get it out to you as soon as I get back in June.

  5. See the pig of it is that I wouldn't be able to buy enchilada sauce like that here and I'd have to make it which takes away the EASY bit! And back to the enchilada kit in a box we go!!!

    ~mingle, mingle, mingle~

  6. This sounds like it really is easy, and tasty besides! Will have to give it a try, I know there are busy days coming up when I could use something like this!

    Mingle on!


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