March 21, 2009

Saturday Survey: March 21, 2009

Saturday Survey
Brought to you by:
Amorous Rocker

Did you ever take ballet?

Have you ever mixed nail polish together to make another color? Yes

Have you ever gone horseback riding?

Are you tall?
Yes...6'0" (six feet)

Have you ever felt worthless?

Do you take compliments well? Not really

Does your most recent ex hate you? No clue...and dont care

What's the last picture you received on your cell phone? A picture of my grandbaby

Do you know anyone that drinks?

Do you get along with girls? Not really

What are some things your friends make fun of you for? My accent, my height and my weight

Are you keeping a secret right now? No

Do you know a guy named David or Dave?

Does your most recent ex have a boyfriend or girlfriend? No idea

Do you like competition? Sometimes

Can you live without your cell phone? No

Do you open up to a lot of people? No

The last time you cried was when? Why?

Who was the last person who shot a dirty look at you? My son

You drank 10 shots over a few hours, what would you be doing? Sleeping

Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Jennifer Aniston

Would you rather win an Oscar or a Nobel Prize? Nobel Prize

Where was the very last place you went besides your house? Work

What was ONE and only ONE of your favorite toys as a child? Mr. Merlin

Do you eat cookie dough? Have you ever gotten sick or died from eating cookie dough? I love to eat cookie dough! Especially chocolate chip and no I have never gotten sick or died from it.

What’s so great about Chris Daughtry? Who?

Imagine you’re at your wedding, will you cry walking down the aisle? (Guys, will you be sweating bullets as you're standing at the front waiting for things to begin? Married people, were you crying or did you sweat bullets?) I doubt it.

Look up, do you see a mirror? Is it big enough to show your full reflection or is it a small mirror? The nearest mirror is in the bathroom next to my office.

Have you ever gone into a public bathroom and had to hold your nose to pee because the smell from someone recently pooping in there was so awful? Yes LOL many times

Do you depend on other things to put you to sleep (sleeping pills, a fan, radio, etc)? I like to have the fan on while I am sleeping.

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