March 16, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: War

Monday Movie Meme
Hosted by The Bumbles

This week's movie topic is all about War!
01. "Gone With The Wind"
02. "Full Metal Jacket"
03. "Braveheart"
04. "Platoon"
05. "Jarhead"


  1. Gone With the Wind was a popular choice this week! We went and saw it when they did a re-release in the theaters 10 years ago or so - what fun to see in on the big screen! Thanks for playing.

  2. The only one out of those I have not seen all the way through is Braveheart. Good movies though :)

  3. Oh yeah! I was thinking about Platoon but I can't remember the title a while ago. Ha!

    Hope you come visit my meme list too.


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