January 28, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #40

Wednesday Weirdness
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1.) If a natural disaster left thousands of people homeless, would you let a family of strangers stay in your house? Probably, if I had the room.

2.) How often do you watch porn? A few times a year...not often enough.

3.) How many people have naked or semi-naked pictures of you? No one as far as I know.

4.) When having sex with someone, have you ever fantasized about someone else? If yes, explain why you were thinking of someone else during sex. No, never needed to.

5.) Is there ever an appropriate time to lie to someone and push yourself off as single when truthfully you're not? No, I don't think there is every an appropriate time to lie.

6.) Who is one person who has changed your life and how did they change things for you? A teacher I had in high school...she taught me that anything can be done if you set your mind to it.

7.) How comfortable are you in bed with your current significant other? Do they know all your kinks or do you tend to hold back? Why? Meh, I am comfortable in bed but he doesnt konw all my kinks. Somethings are good if they are kept a secret.

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