January 8, 2009

Thursday Thunks: January 8, 2008

Thursday Thunks
Hosted by StraitJacketMom (Berleen)

1. Are you a celebrity news junkie? No way in hell. Celebrities get on my nerves.

2. Have you or anyone in your family ever had braces? A few of my cousins have but no one in my immediate family.

3. Name 4 things in your garage that you don't think anyone else has in theirs. Laundry, a book shelf filled with books, an old bakery rack and a vacuum cleaner.

4. Do you order Girl Scout cookies? Not any more, because I don't know anyone that is selling them and no one comes to the door to sell them.

5. If you have a cat or a dog, what brand of dog/cat food do you feed them? I have two dogs and currently I feed them the Pedigree brand of dry dog food. Here is a picture of my fur babies.


6. When you cook, do you use measuring cups/spoons? Sometimes, depends on what I am making.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, how many sand castles would you build? None, I would be too busy finding food, starting a fire and building a shelter.

8. Whats one thing you own too many of? Teddy bears, but I am not getting rid of them.

9. If given the chance to go to the moon, would you? Yes! I think it would be a little scary but fun.

10. Talk radio - listen or not? Talk radio is ok 5% to 10% of the time. The rest of the time it drives me crazy and forces me to talk to/yell at my radio.

11. When you put silverware in the dishwasher or in the drainer to dry, do you put the handles up or down? Handles down, so that you can see what you are grabbing for.

12. Video Games for kids - good or not? It depends on the game and if they have parental (or adult) supervision.

13. Share a website with us. SmallWorlds (one of my new addictions) - www.smallworlds.com

14. Water - bottle or tap? Tap water if it is well water, city water tastes horrible...otherwise I buy bottled water.

15. Have you ever eaten a giant jawbreaker, the ones that are the size of the palm of your hand, all the way to the end? Yes, we use to buy them at the local Cracker Barrel. I have to find a place in Wisconsin to buy them.


  1. Hello Shannon :)
    I used to love the giant jawbreakers! I am now afraid they would crack my teeth,lol.

  2. hi shannon! lovely dogs you got there... they have got shiny coats. thanks to pedigree?

    my answers are here.

    happy thursday!

  3. RoseAnn...that would not be good!

    Kikamz...the girls have beautiful coats, just not sure pedigree should get all the credit :P

  4. hi shannon video games is not good for childrens because it doent bring stamina to their body and childrens are not exposed to the world.

  5. I am quite sure that you number one priority in Wisconsin will be to foind great jawbreakers! ;)

  6. I used to buy Girl Scout cookies too, but these days I have to track down a scout to get them. My favorite are the thin mints.

  7. Your dogs are beautiful!!! Shelby has the most awesome color!

  8. Aww, what cute dogs! I'm jealous.
    Yer brave for wanting to go to the moon. I considered it, if maybe they could knock me out for take-offs & landings, but the thought of not being on earth weirded me out too much.

  9. I used to buy bottled water too until I bought a Britta filter and pitcher. It works wonders!

  10. ITA with number one and I love your dogs!!!

  11. Thirteen Thursday lives! Me too.

    I was babysitting my grandson last week and his older sister was playing "Web Kids," like Small Worlds, while talking on a cell phone with a girl friend. The high tech paper doll playing of my day.

    Here's a link of a list of TTers. http://aliceaudrey.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/13-people-who-did-thursday-thirteen-last-week/#comment-13859

  12. When my daughter was in girl scouts I always so suckered into buying a case. I had cookies coming out my ears. LOL

  13. What cute doggies!!!
    #7 sounds a lot like The Sims 2 Castaway. lol Except those silly Sims find time to play maracas.

  14. Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day! http://hapiblogging.blogspot.com/

  15. Bud...lol good point.

    Brenda...I like the thin mints also.

    Berleen...thank you :) they are my babies.

    Amber...thanks! The moon would be just too cool!

    Creek...thank you.

  16. Janet...those do work great. I hope to have one in my new house.

    Kimber...thank you! Happy Thursday.

    Sweet...Thanks hun!

    Colleen...High tech stuff is taking over the world LOL

  17. Tammy...I would have purchased them from you :)

    Bundle...thanks hun! And it is kinda.

    Hapi...thank you! I will check out your blog.

  18. Beautiful dogs Shannon! DramaQueen would have sold you GS cookies. She sold them this fall...I think they sell them in the spring in Missouri.

  19. Oh your furbabies are beautiful!!!
    They are so shiny! My brother feeds his Rottweiler Pedigree and his coat is shiny too. Hmmm


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