January 4, 2009

Simply Delicious Sunday: Easy Chili

Tamy at "3 Sides of Crazy" has started a new Meme Simply Delicious Sunday.
Here is my first entry!

Fresh tomatoes, green peppers and onions are preferred.

1 lb Ground beef
1 Sm onion, chopped
2 t. Chili powder
1 can Light kidney beans, lightly drained
2 cans Chili beans w/sauce
1 can Chili no beans
2 cans Diced tomatoes with green peppers and onions

Brown ground beef with chopped onions, drain, add chili powder and tomatoes (whole can), simmer for about 5 minutes, add remaining cans and simmer about 15 minutes to let flavors merge. If it seems dry, add some tomato sauce (small can).


  1. YUM I love a no nonsense chili. Thanks for helping kick this off!!

  2. I tried to make chili for an ex-boyfriend one time. It was so ugly. So very ugly.

  3. This sounds yum, I am not a fan of Chili, but I will have to try it, I am to picky of an eater sometimes!lol.

  4. Tamy...you are very welcome.

    Mimi...you MUST give me details!

    RoseAnn...I use to love Chili but the older I get the more painful it is LOL

  5. I grew up with the kind of chili that would make the grown ups cry it was so hot. Personally, I like hot now but I like flavorful too.

  6. Shannon - Ask Bud. He ate it and barely lived to tell... but I doubt he ever wants to talk about it again.

  7. Alice...I dont like spicy chili :( I am a plain and boring kind of gal.

    Mimi...I will have to do that! Poor Bud.


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