January 10, 2009

Saturday 9: The Phone is For You

Hosted by Crazy Sam


1. Your phone rings. Who is the most likely caller? My mother-in-law.

2. How long to you chat on the phone each day? Only a few minutes at a time per call for a total of an hour or so a day at work. On my personal phone I use it for about 15 minutes a day.

3. Who do you speak to the most? At work, customers. Personally, I talk to The Man a lot.

4. Do you often not answer if a certain person comes up on your caller id? Sometimes, depends on my mood.

5. Do you phone friends at work? I call The Man at work but no one else.

6. Do you make personal calls at work?
Only during a break or during lunch and I use my cell phone.

7. Who do you always say “I love you” at the end of the call? When I am talking to The Man, my son, my daughter or my daughter.

8. Do you use a landline or cell more often? I use a cell phone a lot at work and all the time when I am not at work. I don't even have a landline at home, waste of money.

9. Who in the blogosphere that you haven’t chatted with but would like to? I have not talked to anyone in the blogosphere on the phone or in person but I have talked to many of them through email. There are a few that I would love to meet in person.


  1. Your MIL calls a lot. I mean to me. She must talk to every sucker in the blogosphere! Happy Saturday, Shannon...

  2. This meme reminds me to call the cell phone company AGAIN. My brand new phone keeps going bonkers. I hate it and need to take it back to the store. In a meeting all day Thursday with no way to check my email....it was torture!

    Have a great day, Shannon!

  3. Thanks Mimi! I hope you have a great Saturday. Good luck with the cell phone company.

  4. Who's the man? just curious. hehe! =)

    it's fun reading yours.


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