January 7, 2009

I Want Wednesdays:

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Question for Wednesday, January 7, 2009: What do you want to do this weekend? What else do you want this week?

My answer: I want to finish getting my house ready for the big move. I would like to spend time with my brother, his wife and their three kids this weekend...I am going to miss them when I move. Yes, I will still be able to communicate with them but it won't be the same. I also need to start wrapping things up with my current job so that the next person will have a smooth entrance.


  1. Mm..Packing up things??? Are you going to move from your current place???
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. JonJon...yes :) New Year, New Job, New Home :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. The move is coming soon huh :) How has the packing been going? I always wish my house will pack it self with all the military moves we do,lol.


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