January 6, 2009

HoT: Three Things

Heads or Tails
Hosted by Barb (Skittles)

Today's Topic is: TAILS - "Three Things" - Tell three things you learned in 2008.

First, I learned that one person was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I am still learning to trust this person again. And I have forgiven (will forgive) that person but I will never forget.

Second, I have found a few new friends through the Internet and blogging that I am able to talk to without out being judged. So, I have learned that there are more nice people in the world than I thought was possible.

Third, I have learned that even when you and your children don't get along they still love and miss you when you are gone.


  1. #3's the only thing that's keepin' me going. The hope that my kids'll come back because we had such a bond while we were still together.

  2. I like learning things about myself through the year, some of the things are not so good, but then you work on those things and hope in the end, you are a better person :)

  3. Bundle...I will add my hopes to yours for reinforcement!

    Social...I think as long as you work on those things you WILL be a better person.

  4. I'm pretty sure who the person in #1 is.

    I hope I'm one of those in #2.

    #3. They do??? They could call me sometime :P

  5. I'm convinced that 95% of the world's population are nice - its just that the other 5% are loud and very, very active.
    I've got 7 kids, 6 of whom are grown up and left home, living all over the place. At times I feel they should be in touch more, but then I remember how I was when I was busy and young. And they've proven often enough that when the family needs them, we're still as strong as ever.

  6. Sometimes life gets in the way, but having family is always a positive...even from a distance. They always will be there with love. May not be what you expect, but it's still there!!!

    Love your positive three things this week Shannon.

    Happy HoT Tuesday. My entry is posted at the top of my blog post!! Come visit if you can find time. Always love to have company such as yourself!!!

  7. I can relate to #3 with my eldest from a few years back. It is so true! And yes the blogging world has shown me there are good people everywhere :) All the best in 2009!

    Happy HOT and thank you for your visit :)

  8. Skittles...and I bet you would be right about #1. YES You are in that #2 list :) My daughter likes to send text messages instead of calling.

    Anthony...I think so too. And you are right. Kids are just really busy BUT they know when they are needed.

    Anni...so very true. Thank you.

    Sue...Happy HoT to you also.

  9. It sounds like you learned some hard lessons and some good ones. I can totally understand forgiving and not forgetting. We can't erase our memory. Although, sometimes I wish I could. ;-)

  10. Dawn...I am not sure I want to erase my memories. I don't want to learn things all over again.

  11. Nice set of 'learns' - I enjoyed your post!

  12. I am SO with ya on that second one!!! And you're one of the 'nice people' on my list ;-)

  13. Very wise on #1. Why do people say, "forgive and forget?" They don't go together naturally at all, do they?

  14. Tumble...thanks for stopping in.

    Tammy...you are on my list :)

    Misty...and so are you!

  15. Gal...I don't think they go together naturally.

  16. It is hard to get over past hurt especially from a close loved one. Here's to 2009 being a year that brings healing and better times!!

    I've passed on the Butterfly Award to you today...check out my blog to pick up your award !!


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