January 9, 2009

Food 4 Thougth Friday:

Hosted by Jodi


Breakfast: What one word would you put on your gravestone? Kind

Lunch: What happened today that made you feel good? Nothing yet

Dinner: Is there something hanging over your head that you need to do right now? Yes, but I cannot get it done until Monday.

Midnight Snack: What are you most looking forward to at this moment? Least looking forward to? I am looking forward to starting my new job and not looking forward to visiting the dentist soon.

Recipe for the Week: You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.


  1. Thanks for playing! I'm with you on the dentist! I never look forward to that and I have to go on Monday! Yuk!

  2. I hate having stuff hanging over my head that I can't complete immediately!!

  3. Jodi...I have to go on Monday also. I have an abscessed tooth.

    Staci...me too.

  4. So sorry to hear about your abscessed tooth Shannon! ((Hugs))


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