January 23, 2009

Food 4 Thought Friday: January 23, 2009

Hosted by Jodi


Breakfast: How would you describe your life right now...a Three Ring Circus, the Indy 500, the Boston Marathon, or a day at the beach? Life is kind of hectic right now with the move and new job. Hopefully by this time next month things will be running much smoother.

Lunch: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue

Dinner: What is the strangest food you ever ate? Rattlesnake

Midnight Snack: Have you ever seen a broadway musical? If so, which ones? Not really.

Recipe for the Week: Relax, and take the time to breathe.


  1. I love your Recipe For The Week answer. I need a break. It's been a rough week at the castle. I'm worn out. Good advice.

    There's something at my blog for you. Just knock on the castle door and come on in.
    Santa Fell Down and Kissing Frogs

  2. Great answers! I sure do love all your memes! Get's ya thinking! Thanks for playing!


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