January 15, 2009

3x Thursday: Job Hunting

3x Thursday: 01/15/y2k+9: Job Hunt
Hosted by The Hair Metal Queen

1. How do you go about looking for a job (websites, papers, etc)? I start by reading the local newspapers in hard copy and by going to their web sites. I also look at places like Monster.com, Yahoo Jobs, USAJOBS, the State job site and the government web sites.

2. At what point do you start looking for jobs? Before you need to find a new one, or when you are made to?
I am always looking for a new job for better pay and better benefits. Plus I look for something that better fits what I can do and what I know.

3. Do you have any requirements when you take a job? If so, what are they?
I look at location, benefits, salary, advancement within the company and it if pertains to what I can do and what I know.

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