December 24, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness #35

Wednesday Weirdness
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1.) DID YOU DONATE ANY MONEY/GIFTS/TIME TO CHARITY THIS YEAR? I donate money to the Human Society and Good Will all year long and to the Salvation Army at this time of year.

2.) WERE YOU IN A HURRY TO GROW UP AS A CHILD? DO YOU EVER WISH YOU HAD ENJOYED BEING A KID MORE? I wanted to hurry up and be an adult at times but not too often. I tried to enjoy being a kid. There are many times I wish I had enjoyed my childhood more...but I cant change that now. I am still a kid at heart :P

3.) WHAT SNACK DID YOU USED TO LEAVE SANTA? DID YOU EVER CATCH A PARENT PUTTING AWAY OR EATING THE TREAT YOU LEFT FOR SANTA? I use to leave him homemade cookies and milk. I never caught my parents eating the treats...I even TRIED to catch them lol

4.) IF YOU WERE NOT RELATED TO YOUR COUSINS, ARE THEY PEOPLE YOU WOULD PICK AS FRIENDS? A few of them I would still be friends with but there are one or two that I would NEVER talk to.

5.) WHEN WAS YOUR LAST AWKWARD MOMENT? WHAT HAPPENED? Today, when I had to tell my current boss that I am resigning. I was really nervous but after it was over I felt that it went well.

6.) WHAT IS ONE GIFT YOU WOULD BE REALLY EXCITED TO RECEIVE THIS HOLIDAY? Money, a few thousand dollars would be awesome BUT $200,000 would be even better.

7.) WHEN STAYING WITH RELATIVES/HAVING RELATIVES STAY WITH YOU FOR THE HOLIDAYS, IS SEX A GO OR PUT ON HOLD? Sex is put on hold, especially if the in-laws are here or we are staying with them. BUT we can sneak around :P

8.) DO YOU HAVE ANY TRADITIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS? None really...we do open gifts on Christmas Eve.

9.) WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD BE EMBARRASSED TO RECEIVE AS A GIFT? Underwear from any male other than "The Man"

10.) DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING? Teddy bears!

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  1. That's cool that you collect Teddy Bears. I try to buy my Mom a new different Teddy bear every Christmas, not this year though:(


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