December 11, 2008

Wednesday Mind Hump: Playing Catch Up

Wednesday Mind Hump
Hosted by RFDuck at "BlogDrive Insanity"

I have not done this meme for awhile so I have decided to play "catch up" today! Enjoy :)

November 19, 2008: Find a picture online of a pencil you think looks interesting or cool. Then, post it or link to it so everyone can see what pencil you found! Here is one I found on Photobucket!
pencils Pictures, Images and Photos

December 3, 2008: What was your favorite Christmas (or other holiday) gift last year?
I got a really cool watch from my in-laws but now I cannot find it! I thought I put it in my jewrely box but alas it is not there. Someday I will find it again.

December 10, 2008: What human right are you most passionate about? Life and the pursuit of happiness.

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